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This is my first attempt at blogging with our ultimate travel tool, our iPod touch. We arrived in Bangkok late last night and after a much too flight this morning, are now on our way to our island bungelow on koh lanta.

As travel ofen goes, we arrives at the international airport in  new county shock, and tried to get our bearings of where to go from there. We needed to get to the area of the other airport, which is about an hour away, and found a really nice guy who spoke enough English to help us find our bus. During the most terrifying bus ride i've experienced, we asked our new friend if he had any suggestions on where to stay near the airport. After much deliberation, he said, "miracle grand hotel. It's not a 5 star hotel, but it's okay."  we assured him that we are not 5 star types of people and that we just neded a place to drop. After racing through the freeways around Bangkok, our indie 500 driver pulled over and dumped us off near some railway tracks.

Quick thing that you should know about Thailand and why we wanted to come here in the first place; we are simple, frugal people in search of a delightful adventurous vacation tha will not drain our bank accounts. Thailand is known for being a backpackwr's paradise. Cheap food and accommadations ($10/per night to stay, $1 per meal) surrounded by clear blue waters and white sandy beaches, we knew we just had to check it out.

So we walk across these tracks and see this flashy "miracle grand hotel", glowing above us. It looked expensive and sure enough, after asking the desk worker, we were given a price of $110usd per night. Um, no thanks. Not when we've heard tales of living for weeks on that much money. 

It was nearing midnight, and we began to walk down the street in search of something less obsene. We walked with our backpacks, and the packs of rats scurrying across the sidewalk, past the doped up guy on the street corner holding a syringe, until we just decided to try a taxi. 

We did eventually find another hotel, although I'm still to ashamed to say the price, and we did get free breakfast at 5:30 am, made it to our plane with plenty of time to spare, and are only hours away from our budget-friendly dream vacation. 

Now we are hopelessly trying to exchange our Taiwan dollars into the Thai baht and they give horrendous rates here. Wish taiwan was a little more internationally recognized.

More travel journals and pictures to come!

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