Blog Thailand 3: On the road again

Blog Thailand 2

We are now on the plane from southern Thailand to the north, where the air is cooler and the prices are even cheaper! We took a ferry yesterday from koh lanta and while it started out as a nice and relaxed boatride on cool a/c lower deck, we had to switch boats halfway through our journey and were forced to the top deck with all the hippies and sun worshippers, and tried our best not to get heat stroke and prayed for a swift 90 minute journey. 

The 90 minutes were not fast but we did find a nice little hostel, the Thalang Guest House in Old Town Phuket, with a rooftop room and free breakfast. Phuket town was not that awesome. It was just blistering hot with no chance of a beach. 

Needless to say, we were pretty over searching for popcicle stands and iced teas and were ready to leave the hot south.

From here, we'll spend a few days in Chiangmai, a couple days in nearby Pai, and finish the trip with Bangkok before headin home to Taipei next Monday. 

A special hello to friends and family that were snowed in his weekend. You guys made international news! Although I think the press made it out to be worse than it is, right? A snowstorm of epic proportions, really?  

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