Wedding!!! and now.


The wedding was the best day of our lives. We talk about it almost every day, still. There is nothing sweeter than being surrounded by nature, people we love, good food, amazing blue skies, and our families to celebrate what else, but Love itself. I heard that there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd, or up front since Aaron was one big tearfest. (I accredited his tears to not crying enough in movies, like I always do). Anyway, it was beautiful, and everything went swimmingly! There were no mishaps, or big problems besides starting very very late (but are we ever on time anyway?), and a few people getting stung by yellow jackets.

And before we knew it, it was all over! All of this planning and visioning and preparation for this moment, and poof-we were now man and wife! No matter how many times we said it afterwards, in the car, at the gas station, at Cracker Barrel where I had some mac 'n cheese, I could not believe that I was now "Mrs. Meyer", Aaron's wife. It still makes me giggle.

I always hear every bride say that her wedding is like a blur, but I remember taking in each moment and thinking, This is better than any dream! The soundtrack carried us all into esctacy and when we ran through the bubble-filled line of loved ones, I thought, surely this must be a dream!

Anyway, now we're married, back in temporary real life of packing, sorting things, moving out of our houses, making endless trips to the Samaritan Center, and trying to peddle our stuff onto our poor friends (not that they're impoverished, but because i feel sorry for them putting up with our obnoxious antics of stuff-peddling). We're almost ready to leave, and are trying to strategize each and every item to pack into 2 50-lb suitcases a piece, and 1 guitar case.

10 days, and we're outta here!

Weekend update #1


Well, the wedding weekend is officially off to a kick start! Almost all the relatives are in town, with just a few more on the way. Most have traveled 10+ hours, flying in, driving, rowing boats, etc. It's so good to see everyone, but we can't believe how tired we are now...Today, we had to clean out our rooms to move out, pack simultaneously for Taiwan and our honeymoon, direct our loving family where to go to be of greatest assistance, pick up generators, sound systems, programs, flowers and flowers and more flowers..., and then meet at the wedding site with our loving parents, Aaron's sister, our two wedding party representatives (ansley and jonathan), and our wedding coordinator, Audrey. We walked through the service and figured out some hazy details.

Aaron said, '"Rika, please let this be the only time we get renewals, no fake new ceremonies," and i looked at him and understood. It's a lot of work to get married with the people you love all around you!

But we did have help, oh so much help! Jonathan and Ansley were our MVP's, for running around town, picking flowers and doing random errands. My mom helped me pack and clean and even scrubbed my semi-nasty bathroom. My aunt Shar cooked all day for the evening's Family Dinner Night for 20+ people, and for lunch tomorrow, while Aaron's dad twisted nice wire onto jars for the decorations for the ceremony. And Aaron's mom and sister picked up a few dozen mums and talked down Wal-Mart's manager to a cheaper price on them.

So now, laying in my bed, listening to some sweet Jadon Lavik, I give thanks. Most of all, I'm grateful for a forced break, a rest from the insanity of the week. Thank God for the Shabbat! Secondly, I'm just so thankful and thrilled to be marrying the love of my life soon! It seems too good to be true that just in a couple days, we will no longer have to sleep apart, say good bye to each other, talk on the phone at night, and we can just be together! Life is so much better with my Love near me...

on that sappy note, I'm falling asleep, so i'm taking a bubble bath and going to sleep....The guys are celebrating Aaron's semi-last night by sleeping at the farm tonight. I'm not jealous-it's freezing!!! Pray for a miracle-that it will be warmer on sunday!


Our new blog!


This is our new blog! How else are we going to keep everyone in touch? Will add more in coming weeks. Keep checking back...

For now, add us to your google reader account so you'll get an automatic update every time we update our blog. So easy and fun!

With love,

Aaron and Rika