Twice blessed.

by Rika.

Aaron and I have been married for 3 months. And we are so very blessed. Today we bought tiny harmonicas to play duets. We're getting really good at playing "Row Row Row Your Boat" in a round, and maybe we can convince the church to let us do a special music. We get to explore new places together, like little towns, big cities, hiking trails, waterfalls, and new stops on the train. We are getting used to having each other as roommates, co-workers, partners, and lovers. Aaron does the dishes, and I do the laundry. Although this week we switched chores because it turns out we hate doing our chores (because I am messy in the kitchen, and Aaron doesn't pick his clothes up.)

This week we celebrated being married. It was an inadvertent celebration. Trials punched our team in the face and our only choice was to cling together and rely on each other. And I caught a glimpse of how strong and courageous my husband is. I think that people really recognize this steady quality in him. He's definitely the Pinglin students' favorite American teacher, because he looks them in the eye and gives this huge smile (and they aren't even afraid of him with his bushy Neanderthal beard!). He picks them up and spins them around and never misses an opportunity to play with them.

So sometimes these rough weeks come along and remind us of what we have. Aaron, I love you, and I am glad I've got you here in Taiwan with me. You're the best roommate I've ever had.


moeblis said...

preach it sister. i love this post. and the two of you.

Ansley said...

This just makes me happy. Miss you!

The Bontekoes said...

Blessings - and thank you

Jen said...

It is so very cool to have your best friend as your roommate for life isn't it? :)

kessia reyne said...

Yay for love and marriage!

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