Merry Christmas 2012~


Hi All! Thanks for visiting us once again on our home page with all the news from Healdsburg, CA. Now that we're in the age of iPhones, this year we'll give you a time-lapse through pictures and it'll be like you were right there with us. And remember, you can and should visit us! (We're 80 minutes north of Santa Rosa, about an hour from Angwin, hour and a half from Sacramento. Easy!) At Christmas last year, we did an eastcoast/mid-america trip to see both of our families. It was not long enough time spent with either family but we had a really good trip.

In January, I quit my previous job working as a director of a Boys & Girls Club and started working for the school that we live at, Rio Lindo Adventist Academy.  I do marketing, graphic design, photography, and teach a graphic design class.  Below is one of my first t-shirts.

Some of these pics are out of order.  We went to church outside all summer.  That's Aaron showin us how it's done.

One of my favorite pastimes-Karaoke with the girls!
Here is Bam Bam, surveying our "front yard" and begging for another walk.

In June, we did a quick recruiting trip to Las Vegas and I got to visit lots of long lost friends and Mountain View family.  Hello Rachel, and Kristin, and Jennifer and Jessica!

One weekend, we got away for a fancy weekend at a B&B near the beach.  Ema still played guard dog.

Friends from Afar, Jonathan and Monika, visited us while on a trip across the US.  We went on lots of adventures together, including an epic hike to a waterfall ON THE BEACH!  So cool.  If you're ever north of SF, it's a must-see.

I planted a garden again this year.  I tried some new veggies.  Things that worked: tomatoes, zucchini, little white flowers, jalepeno peppers, all kinds of chards.

Things that didn't turn out so well: Chinese eggplant, strawberries, anything that I tried to compost.

Our Dogs, Bam Bam and Ema.

Above: we did a marketing materials makeover at work, and it turned out to be beautiful!

To the left: My cousin, Ella, came and stayed for a few days.  We did a photo shoot, went out to eat, and had an awesome time together.  Come back soon, Ella!

I believe this was my birthday.  A total surprise to get to have brunch at the Cliff House restaurant with family.  And my dad got me my own kite for my birthday.  This one will be hard to top.  Who knew 27 could be so significant?

Birthday surprises in my office.

Now we're back to last Christmas.  Here's Jacob (my lil bro) looking snazzy in his suit at work.

And then I got to see one of my best friends, Kelli!

We visited Aaron's family in Indiana and had a great time.  We toured Notre Dame, went to an Amish town with his grandparents, and had lots of yummy food.  Thanks Meyer Clan!

In January, my Nanna passed away.  She had been battling with dementia for a long time and finally was at peace.  I will always remember her and make her amazing macaroni and cheese in memory of her.  (Pictured above: my cousin Missy and her sister, Melinda-beautiful ladies!)

Aaron teaches Outdoor Leadership and takes his students camping.  We camped down by the Russian River and it was freezing.  Ema and Bam slept in our tent and tried to warm up the place with their dog farts, but it was still cold.  (and so stinky!)

Shots from our PE teacher Kevin's wedding.  Our little cousins were there too!

Aaron learned to wake skate!

We took a road trip north this summer and explored Oregon.  We love Oregon.  Here's Crater Lake.

Aaron got licorice ice cream at a road side restaurant.  It was disgusting in every way possible.  But he seemed to like it.

We got to see my cousin Becca Flaiz-Schmidt and meet her new husband, Justin in Hood River, OR.

Don't worry Portland, you are very weird.  And I love it.

Aaron and I camped in the most beautiful places.  This place was somewhere near the coast, and was right next to a picturesque little stream.

At the end of summer, Ema attempted suicide and dove through our front window.  I found her 8 hours later bloody, swollen, dehydrated, but happy.  She had about 40 stitches and was fine in a couple of weeks.  We got a new window.  She stays away from it now.

Our students made us judges for a Student Association fashion show.  I dressed up like that crazy chick from the Hunger Games and Aaron dressed like a hip hop star.  He wore a grill all night that night.

In September, my grandfather, Bompa passed away.  Although he was 93, his death was unexpected.  The entire clan got together in Chico to celebrate his life, and I got to see my long-lost cousin, Andrea who lives in France.  Losing family absolutely sucks...but knowing that you're not the only one with loss makes a difference.  I see Bompa's kindness and cheerful demeanor in each one of his kids, grandkids, and great grandkids.  Celebrating family is the best.

I got to join my family in the Outer Banks of North Carolina this summer.  On the 3rd day of kiteboarding in world class conditions, my dad tried to show off some big air and came down very wrong on his foot, breaking it.  The crazy thing is, he didn't even say anything about it until we were back on shore.  He subsequently had surgery on his foot and thinks he'll be ready to ride again next summer.  

I'm also having knee surgery this winter and hope to be recovered by our next OBX trip in 2013.

It's not fair that the East Coast water is so much warmer than the West.  If only global warming would warm up our side of the continent a little bit...

One last look at the place that you should come visit....

Until next year,

Aaron, Rika, Bam Bam and Ema.