Back to the Rain-covered Island

We have arrived back to our formerly messy home in Taiwan (now it's sparkling clean after a full day of scrubbing floors and rearranging furniture).

As wonderful as it is to be in our home sweet home, it's been raining nonstop since we've arrived. It's that cold, wet, miserable rain that is bone-chilling and makes you not want to step outside at all-especially to make a scooter trek to town. It's Chinese New Year holiday, and we keep seeing flares of firecrackers from our windows, and no stores are open, except 7-11. I ran to get some groceries the other day and cleaned out the store of the last package of carrots and a single lonely onion. Hopefully these people will get back to work and get us some veggies soon!

Until then, here's the music video I promised, but forgot to throw up onto our blog. Not barf, you know what I mean:

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