Prayers for Haiti

What a devastated loss for an already devastated country! I visited Haiti a year ago on a documentary/mission trip, and it really blew my mind and brought the stories of "third-world countries" to life. The issues there were so complex, and the country is scarred by history, politics, and poverty.

But I came to love the people there, and they pulled me out of our safe little mission, and into the streets to see how they lived. I loved the children and the elderly the most.

I was baffled, as i walked by many of their houses, at the construction of the buildings, which was mostly made of concrete blocks and steel bars. They seemed so heavy, and as I have been looking through the photos around the internet, I have just visualized the sheer weight of the destruction, but practically and metaphorically. While we were there, cars would break down or fall into a ditch, and no AAA tow-truck would come to pull it out. Instead, the town would rally around and 40 men would lift the car out of the ditch. I know Haiti doesn't have the neccessary heavy machinery, only manpower to lift these pieces of concrete to free the people underneath. It's a severe situation.

In the midst of all of these wreckage and destruction photos, let's be reminded of how Haiti was, not too long ago. These are the people affected.

Please open up your heart. ADRA is heading down there to set up a hospital to see up to 1,000 patients a day, and the American Red Cross is collecting donations for relief as well.

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stella said...

Rika I actually thought of you when this happened. Thanks for writing about your experience. I really wish I could go here and help.

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