Photos coming and more!

So I have had a severe lack of photographic inspiration in the last couple of months, not because it's not beautiful here-because it is! But the drippy constant rain has threatened my camera and let's face it...dark cold dreary weather seems to deprive the soul of optimistic art. But...that is about to change, my friend!

We have several photo projects underway, one of which just needs to be uploaded.

1. Aaron's art museum pics (we hit the modern art museum and aaron made some modern art pics out of the modern art)
2. Portraits of our people. I am working on shooting portraits of some of our biggest Taiwanese influences here. I'm growing tired of the traditional tourist approach to travel photography which is, "shoot fast, get their faces, breeze by, don't get talk just shoot!". No. No more (at least for now). We've been trying to get to know these people, spending time and becoming friends with locals all over. And then I'll shoot them in the face.
3. Our most challenging and fun project will take place tonight in our town of Shengkeng. Gizmodo has a photo contest every month and this month, it's a "run away from the camera on a 2-sec timer" contest. Check it out here:

Without giving anything away, I'm just gonna say that ours will involve a scooter, downton, and hopefully some Chinese New Year lanterns. We'll post when we can.

4. I have been scolded by Steve Bontekoe that we haven't posted up a library yet of our pictures from Taiwan, other than facebook. Dangit. There's so many things to keep up with! So coming soon, how soon, we don't know; we will throw up some stuff onto Picasa. So watch out world!

5. KEW Music Video: We're recording this sesh tomorrow downtown to celebrate the opening of Kuolai English Wilderness. It'll be on youtube, hopefully before we leave for Thailand.

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