Earthquake!!!-by Aaron

Dear Readers,

As you may have noticed my dear wife Rika has been doing most of the writing on this blog. If you have not noticed, God bless you. Rika is definitely the PR person in our relationship, but for this blog she got scooped (it’s a newspaper term I think, remember she’s the communicator).

I was sitting at home this morning by myself, since Rika went to work to cover for a sick teacher (you know who you are, we hope you feel better soon, and let us know if we can do anything for you). Anyway, I got the honor of feeling the first earthquake here in our new land. It’s a common occurrence to have earthquakes here and there have been at least a half a dozen since we’ve lived here, but we had really wanted to feel one. Don’t worry, we certainly don’t desire any earthquake of such a magnitude to cause destruction or pain to anyone, we just wanted to see the ground move a little bit. Our apartment is on the eighth floor, so we certainly wouldn’t land gently if it did fall.

What I felt met my expectations of what an earthquake would feel like up here, a nice gentle sway, if you want to know what it felt like, stand up, close your eyes and wobble back and forth just a tiny bit. Yep, that’s it, now you can experience your own little earthquake anytime you want.

From now on I’ll try a little harder to keep some blogs coming from my half of this relationship (since this blog was kind of my idea). We’ll see what happens.


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nice post aaron

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