Discovering Taiwan...Outside Taipei

Aaron and I are slowly discovering the grand island of Taiwan. A few weeks ago, we took our friends Lorelei and Darren through the top half of Taiwan (Read her post here:),
and we've been slackers and haven't posted about that adventure yet, but are trying to get back on the blog ball and documenting our discoveries!

We're in Kaoshiung (Pronounced Gow-shong), and are on the way down to the little paradise of Taiwan, Kenting. We just missed a really really crowded concert festival and are looking forward to catching some sun (have i ever mentioned how much it rains in northern Taiwan?), waves (it's been entirely too long since I've been surfing...9 months at least), and couches of new friends (we just registered on and are trying it for the first time in Kenting).

I would say there's not a lot to do in Kaoshiung initially, but we made 2 fabulous discoveries that made our day stay worth it. 1. MONKEYS!!!! We found a trail behind a temple that is filled with wild monkeys. Just make sure to carry no food and a really big stick in case they get too friendly. I felt a bit like Jane Goodall, except a little bit more afraid than she was.

2. Harbor night photography! Kaoshiung is gorgeous at night!!! I mean, it's okay during the day, but night is perfect for this place. Every building changes color and the sea reflects all of them beautifully!

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