Aaron and I have been so fortunate in the last week and a half. Instead of being kicked out of our respective rented houses and thrown to the cold, dark streets of Chattanooga, our good friends, The Morris's, have taken us in and will house us until we leave early Friday morning for California. We've had so much fun with Jonathan and Monika. During the days, while they're at work, we've been packing and repacking, cleaning out my car, running last minute errands, and researching ways to communicate with our fellow Americans while we're overseas. And then, when they come home, we PARTY in the USA. (do I hear a little Miley Cyrus coming on?)

Do you remember the days when you'd come home from school, throw on a bike or pair of rollerblades and tear up the cul-de-sac with the other kids on the street until dusk settles over the land? Well, we had one of those evenings complete with mopeds, skateboards, and hay-bale jumping. We are really going to miss all of these fun-loving friends of ours', but on a brighter note, Aaron has signed us up for unlimited calls to the US as well as a US number for our friends and family to call us on. And it won't cost you a cent! But if you sign up for Skype, you can look at us too while you're talking to us!

Our new phone number (now effective) is:

(909) 54 RIKON

(909) 547-4566.

Countdown to leaving Tennessee is 3 days!

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