Top 20 list-by Aaron

Interesting things we’ve experienced in Taiwan/Things I like:

(things in parentheses are added by rika)

1. Great apartment (it was a little dirty, but we gave it some love...we have a great view)

2. Love the food (i'm gonna disagree with this one...a little goes a long way)

3. Really helpful and nice people (very nice, super helpful, even when it's out of their skill level)

4. Best cab drivers in the world unless you’re worried about silly things like directions (HA!)

5. Kids at the school are great fun (and cute, so very cute!)

6. We work with awesome people (our bosses were teachers here last year and are determined to make our situation better with all the lessons they learned)

7. Eating is always an interesting if somewhat dangerous/gross experience, usually just good. (i've had to learn how to say "Mayo RO!" = "No Meat", and then describe the different meats just so they won't sneak something in)

8. Learning to communicate without speaking Mandarin is fun (sign language, and speaking really loud)

9. First home together (yay!)

10. 7-11’s run the country (and they have absolutely everything you can imagine!)

11. It’s beautiful

12. Tons of things to do

13. Currently has the world’s tallest complete building (Dubai is close to beating us out)

14. Our job here is fun

15. We’re still on the “grid” not some remote jungle (grocery store is a 15 minute walk)

16. Rika loves the squat pots, I think it’s her favorite thing here (rika does not like the squat pots)

17. The metro here is amazing (and everyone in the station is good at making lines. people always stand still on the right side of the escalator and let the moving people pass on the left. i've heard of this idea in theory but have never witnessed it!)

18. Driving is crazy, but less accidents here than the states (um, heart attack central. no rules of traffic, just do as you feel, every lane is a passing lane even if there's oncoming traffic)

19. Speed limits? Red lights? Nah…

20. Hard mattresses (brought to you by Chevy-like a rock)

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Jen said...

You guys are awesome! So glad you've made it there safe and seem to be settling in well. We miss you here, though. Thanks for all the updates--pictures, etc. Love your list! Your "adventuresomeness" inspires me and I hope you continue to have many more amazing new experiences!

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