Making Tortillas in Our Underwear

From Taiwan Pics

From Taiwan Pics

From Taiwan Pics

From Taiwan Pics

Cooking in our underwear.

What else to do on a hot summer’s day but cook in your underwear? (reason #42 why we love marriage!)
Aaron and I have been invited to teach a pastry and chocolate chef in our town how to make Mexican food. He specifically asked us to teach him how to make tortillas, and since we have no idea how to do it, we spent the day testing a variety of recipes and ingredients to find the magic of the Mexican.
And since it’s so bloody hot in our apartment, we cranked up the A/C, stripped down to our skivvies (is this too much info, btw?), and got to work.
Check out this recipe and then watch the video, which we felt was the best flour quesadilla recipe and it doesn’t hurt that this girl has a Hispanic background either which makes me feel authentic.
Flour Quesadillas Mexican Style
3.5 cups flour
1 tsp salt
½ tsp baking powder
Vegetable shortening 3.5 oz or 7 tbsp vegetable oil
Very hot water 1 cup

knead for 3 min, cover and let sit for 15 min, roll out into small balls, then keep together covered. Using a rolling pin, roll out the balls on a floured surface and make a nice flat round tortilla. Cook on high heat, flip when it starts to bubble.

Easy and Fun! Take off your clothes and it’s even more easy and fun!


Emily Star said...

hahahhah Rika! Looks like you are having a blast. You don't know how to let life get boring...not in your capability. I was out at camp this past weekend and thought of you...good times. Love Emily

Rika said...

Hey Emily, Aw I miss you and camp! And I'm super interested in your sleep study too. Make sure to keep us all updated on that. You, my friend, are a brilliant writer-maybe one of my favorites. Shh...don't tell anyone!

Ansley said...
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