Girls are so much nicer than boys. They behave in class and at the end of the week, they make you feel special and useful and loved by writing these sweet little notes. Boys never do stuff like that. I'm just saying.

Here are some of my favs from the year that i've kept to smile about later.

"Ms. Rika, Thank you teach us. We will HAPPY in there. in your class I am so happy. You are a very nice teacher. I will miss you. Goodbye, I'm Anna Jhao. I will miss you."

"Ms. Rika: I am Jenny.
Teacher thank you.
I love you.
Thank you teach.
Don't forget me.
MISS YOU!-Jenny"

"For Mr. Rika: I love you! Tks. you for me (so good) We draw playing! I am so happy! 88! Anna"

"To Ms. RIka: Thank you for you. You are a great teacher and you are very beautiful. Your class is very funny. ps. my english is not very well. Bling Bling!-Sheena" (I think I taught these kids what 'bling bling' is.)

one of my favorites:
"To Ms. Rica You are the best teacher I have ever seen. You told me that we could win the boys and told me a lot of plants parts, what they do and many! I love you. -Barbie" (I told the girls a story at night about girls beating the boys in a running race and told the girls that they would probably rule the country one day, and the rate of how far ahead the girls were already scholastically).

From The Rikon Expedition

From The Rikon Expedition

From The Rikon Expedition

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kessia reyne said...

Nice, Rika! Way to engender girl power!

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