SURPRISE for Delli!

To save room writing, I’m going to refer to our friends, Kelli and David as “Delli” from now on. Sorry guys, but you’re a little bit like celebrities and to celebrate that fact, you get a combo name.
Delli has been planning on visiting us ever since Kelli got a trip to Taiwan for Christmas from her family. She convinced David to join her and we’ve been excited and planning and scheming ever since then. We found out about two weeks before their arrival that Aaron’s potential employer was flying us out to California to check out the job and we somehow finagled it so that we could fly back to Taipei, not only on the same flight as Delli, but even on adjacent seats as them. In our plan, we would sneakily show up to the airport sporting disguises and hide until the last boarding call. In the meantime, we would find someone who was willing to take a photo of them on their phone, email it to them accompanied with the message “I’m watching you” or something uber creepy like that. Then we would photograph their scared reactions, throw our heads back in evil laughter, and then surprise them on the plane.

Everything was great until Aaron snuck around the gate with his bright orange t-shirt. Now I’m not saying it’s Aaron’s fault, I’m just saying-He was wearing a very bright orange shirt. (I had a muslim burka on-I’m just saying…). Aaron thought he had the perfect spy angle when all of a sudden, he felt breathing down his neck. David had seen him sneaking around and since he and Kelli had moved to another gate to find power plugs, he had witnessed Aaron’s antics from the very beginning. So maybe it wasn’t the orange that did it. There were hugs and confusion and explanations and then Aaron made them sit down so he could take a fake picture of them to make it look like he had been spying to show to me when he reported back. I was not amused when I found the photos to be staged. (i mean come on, they were doing goofy stretches, and the pole was halfway in the picture-overdone!)

But in any case, they were still surprised and that was our ultimate goal. The 14 hour flight to Tokyo wasn’t so bad flying with good friends that we haven’t seen in 7 months, and we got to do a little trip planning too! The flight attendant, Sally from Delta, even hooked Kelli and I up with the little service packs from 1st Class so that we could sleep peacefully with earplugs and eye masks. You’re the best, Sally-I hope you read this!

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