It's weeks like this that make me want to be a teacher.

If every week had angels like this, then I could totally be a teacher. These kids are so good, but still have personalities. I don't think I've laughed with my kids this much ever. All of our students this week are from Taipei County, not the city, and come from relatively small schools. They know that they are 11 or 12 years old and don't try to act like teenagers. The boys have messy, uneven, cute haircuts, obviously cut by their mother and not those $40 Japanese style haircuts that always indicate to us who the trouble makers are.

Right now, I'm writing this blog as my students make books about plants. They are quietly cutting out their papers, listening to Mozart's Concerto No. 21 (I swear by playing classical music while working). They are looking up to ask me intelligent questions like, "Teacher, cut?" or "Teacher, same as you?", meaning, "Dear Teacher, may I cut out my book now?" or "Must I use the same colors as your lovely example?"

I get up every minute or so to make sure the girls are on task because they tend to be perfectionists about coloring and cutting and I have to make sure they finish on time so they don't miss their recess.

Okay so they didn't quite finish in time, but it's okay. We'll finish putting them together this afternoon.

Anyway, I just wanted to brag a little, and thank God for good students.

On a quick side note, Aaron and i will find out within the next week or two what we'll be doing next year for jobs. We have possibilities! And that's exciting. Also, our very good friends, Kelli and David, will be visiting next week and we're going to drive around Taiwan in search of thrills and excitement. We've been looking forward to this pretty much since we got here last November. So stay tuned! Much joy to come!


dennis said...

i hate little rascals. this group of early teens have been breaking my shop windows in the past month causing the equivalent of NT60,000 australian dollars in damage, and this week they've been transpassing the property again, and taunting the neighbour's dogs. even just 3 weeks after being caught by the police for the glass incidents they've come back terrorising our place again. now that my windows are protected by NT300,000 window shutters, should i keep rabies ridden dogs? i mean what can we do right, its not like u can put them away in jail and these parents obviously dont care. if kids werent protected by the law i wouldve beaten them up so bad they wish they'd never born.

kelli g said...

OMG I've been waiting to make it into your blog! Yesssss! We leave tonight--see you soon :)

transmorgified said...

I'm a teacher in Houston, TX and have to say that weeks like that are the best. Since I teach high school here, part of my day will be like that - when I'm teaching Pre-AP/Honors. Too bad THOSE kids are ONLY in the morning!

I'll keep in mind to look out for hair styles when teaching in Taiwan, but I'll be at a pretty restricted private school, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm dealing with yet :)

TaraB said...

what cuties!

Jamy said...

As teachers, we all like good students.Also we have to accept that everyone is different.They have unique styles. That's why teaching is challanging and exciting. Anyway, come and take your towels or should i mail them back to you.

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