A steamy letter, to a long lost love.

Dear Mexican food,

I love you. I miss you. When will we finally be together again? You are my favorite part of America. When I start thinking about you, my knees start to quiver and salivation drips to my toes. I have tried to replace you for far too long. Egg rolls will never fully quench my hunger for a big fat burrito, and rice will never be an adequate substitute for a warm fresh tortilla, hand pressed by someone's loving madre.
I told a story the other day to some friends about a life and death kite boarding adventure, and before I could finish, I was struck by the memory of those two delicious Del Taco green burritos that Jacob and Aaron brought us after we were out of the water. I had a moment that I stopped in mid-sentence, imagining those tasty cheese-covered refried beans running down my cheek, and the satisfaction of a well eaten meal.

I never did finish that story. I think about the great restaurants in my life: Super Taqueira, Moe's, Chipotle, Del Taco, and of course, Taco Bell, and I think of the times that I've missed eating there. Taiwan just doesn't understand! They use beans as desserts, and tomatoes too! It's so backwards! They just don't understand you, Mexican food! It's so hard to explain without experiencing the greatness that this food can bring. And now, with the power and energy given to me by Costco and Ansley Howe, I will unabashadely, unapologetically cook Mexican food for every Taiwanese friend I have, so they may too know the truth.

Taiwan may have its milk tea, japan its sushi, Thailand its Thai green curry; but America has Mexican food and there is none greater than that. God bless America!

There is one place in Taiwan that we have found to be pretty good for Mexican food in Taiwan. It's unfortunate that it's an hour and a half away. It's called Eddy's Cantina and is in Dansui, north of Taipei. We got to meet the owner, Eddy, who is a real Mexican from Canada, and all I could say was "Gracias!". His tortillas are the best of any I've had here. Thank you, Hungry Girl in Taipei blog, for making this happen.


moeblis said...

Oh man! Now I want a burrito!

Montie said...

I thought we had hamburgers and hot dogs. ;-)

Rika said...

Montie, don't be silly. Those came from Germany. Everyone knows that Mexican food comes from America!

Montie said...


mmmmmonica said...

I can only imagine your pain. I think I would feel it too.

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