Tornado Alert-

For four years, I lived in eastern Tennessee, the exact part that was thrashed by an almost mile-wide tornado this morning. The devastation is unbelievable. One of my professors's house was completely flattened. I've heard that there are over 60 reported dead already in the area and searches are continuing. NPR did an interview with an Alabama fire fighter this afternoon who survived, along with his family, as his house was ripped to shreds around him. Also, while he and his wife were gathering his three young sons, his oldest, 8, was sucked out of the house like a "slingshot", and the father had no choice but to stay in the house with his family. After some short amount of time, his son walked back into the house, guided by his father's flashlight. And he was fine, aside from a few scrapes and bruises. The fire fighter had lost everything but sounded just elated in the interview. He had lost his son and all of his stuff, and then moments later, discovered what he actually cared about more than anything-his family. What a guy!

My heart goes out to all my friends and Tennessee family, for enduring such frightening storms that created damage so unbelievable that the landscape looks like something out of a sci-fi end of the world movie. It's a terrible tragedy but makes me thankful for the actual important things in my life.



Nicholas said...

The destruction is crazy here. So many people in the southeast still don't have power. There are lots of places that look just like that video. Too many power lines down to count. It is sort of sci-fi.

Rika said...

Dude, nick-we're thinking of you! Let us know if there's anything we can do!

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