Recycle across the country!

Traveling 75 hours in seven days is probably the most traveling I have ever done. But this is what we’re in for as soon as we fly out of Taipei in August to go home. Here is what our insane itinerary looks like:

August 4-Fly to Lax
Still August 4 (in America)-Fly to Baltimore red eye flight
August 5, 7:00am-Arrive in Baltimore, pack up Uhaul truck
August 6-Drive to Tennessee
August 7-Drive to Indiana
August 8 or 9-Drive as far west as we possibly can and try not to get speeding tickets.

Because Aaron needs to be at school in California as soon as possible, my precious brothers will help me drive all of our stuff across the country. I’ve never had enough stuff to put in a Uhaul, and neither has Aaron but with our powers combined (plus the reimbursement of Aaron’s work), we get to get a truck! This truck will enable us to do powerful things, including fulfilling a lifelong dream, well maybe not lifelong, of finding and keeping as much free stuff as possible!

Let me explain. A couple years ago, I found out that there is a section of Craigslist for people to give away free stuff! I found some great stuff and gave them away as presents because people in Washington DC give away all sorts of treasures. Unfortunately, in Tennessee the only free stuff to be found is old dirt, firewood, or chestnuts if you pick them yourself.

Also, one of my favorite blogs is Design Sponge before and afters. Readers submit their project furniture, backyards, rooms, whatever, and some of the stuff is so inspiring. And thinking about how much we buy already and how much stuff already exists in this world, we want to live lives that reuse and recycle and breathe life into old things.


SO…in case you’re wondering where all this randomness is going, we are going to try to furnish our new apartment with a bunch of free and made-over things! It’s like a contest. Let us know if you’d like to join too. As we drive across the country, we’ll check the craigslists in advance to see if there’s any treasures to fill our near-empty Uhaul and then over the next few months, we’ll try and bring these babies up to 2010. So I’m inviting you to give me any advice or thoughts or challenges to try with our boatload of stuff, and we can’t wait to come back to America and try out our experiment!


moeblis said...

Fun! What a great idea!

sarah said...

I love the design sponge blog, really cool! Good luck on your move and I'm sure you'll have a stylish house of recycled treasures! :D

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