The Great Dilemma

Hello everyone,

In recent weeks, I have been running into the same problem over and over. It's food. Every time Aaron and I hit the town for some food, we find that there are limited choices for me to eat as a vegetarian. And to be honest, my committment to my vegetarianism is waning because of the inconvenience of it. I am continuously taunted by the chicken satay, fishy sashimi rolls, and beef noodles. Go here for more info on local foods. At home, being a vegetarian is easy but when I tell locals this, they are surprised and confused since I'm not buddhist.

So. I thought I would make a blog, video and poll to see what you, our faithful readers, think and actually take you up on your advice. If you decide that i should embrace the culture and begin eating meat, then I will put up a video of my first chicken shishkabab. But if you believe that I should stick to my guns and stay a vegetarian, then I will eat a brick of tofu. It's all up to you! Cast your vote before Chinese New Year (February 1), and we will see what happens.

(just one stipulation-if the vote goes in the carnivorous direction, i will still adhere to the hebrew and new testament teachings about clean meat consumption-no piggies or bottom feeders, guys).

Cast your vote here!

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Montie said...

18 months ago I switched to eating meat. I decided to make the change because I eat out a lot and there is such a greater variety of dishes for omnivores. The only meat I've cooked myself has been a slice of salmon. So I eat meat once or twice a week.

As far as meats to eat, I'm not a huge fan of chicken, it's low on my pecking order, but Americans love chicken so I eat chicken. My favorite meat is turkey followed closely by tuna steak.

If you do decide to take the plunge, take it slow (not that I did, I had a bison burger my second week). And I was never sick to my stomach after eating meat (which surprised a lot of my coworkers).

Bon appetit!

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